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Fuck You - Garfunkel and Oates

I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t care about keeping the upper-hand when it comes to love. I don’t believe there needs to be a balance of power at all. Most people treat relationships as a power-struggle. The honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever and then you are hit with the reality that you won’t receive that intense amount of affection that you used to. Thus, you get ensnared in a power struggle for more affection and more love. You try to keep that upper-hand in order to avoid heartbreak. But really what is the point of all this? Heartbreak is a normal part of life, you’ll eventually experience it and most likely multiple times. Why limit your affection? Why limit your feelings? As long as you are not coming from a place of neediness and you are coming from a place where you are already satisfied with life, then you can show all the love you want to. Live in the present moment. There is no limit to the love you can give and receive.

“I’d really like to fuck kiss you.”

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countrycheese:  Juice Newton - Queen of Hearts (1981)

That Dog Reunion in LA

It’s official “That Dog" is having a reunion show.  Unfortunately for me, it’s in California. They will be performing on August 26 at The Troubadour in Los Angeles. The show sold out quite quickly which doesn’t surprise me. I know if that show was in NY, I would definitely be going. 

Anyhow, for all you 90’s alternative music lovers…here they are performing live on Oddville.  I wonder how the band felt about the barking noises at the beginning and the people that brought the dogs out while they were playing. Kind of cheesy…but funny when you look back on it. 

Wild Flag: touring & releasing their debut album

Just read some really good news via twitter.  Wild Flag & Merge Records just announced the release date for their debut album (self titled: Wild Flag).  The album will be available in stores on September 13 this year. However, if you really want to make sure you get it, you can pre-order it on the Merge site: here

They also announced that they would be touring this fall, so check out the dates to see when they’re near you.  For myself, I’m really excited that they are playing in such a rad venue like the Bell House in Brooklyn.  I can’t wait! 

Here’s a little video to get all of us pumped up:

To keep up with Wild Flag just find them on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

Eleanor Friedberger - “My Mistakes” via Pitchfork

This is the only song I’ve heard so far from Eleanor’s (from The Fiery Furnaces) new solo album, “Last Summer” which will be released on July 12 by Merge

I’m really excited about seeing her this upcoming weekend. She will be performing as part of the Northside Festival in Brooklyn. She’s playing on Saturday (June 18) at Europa Club.  I have a feeling she won’t disappoint.  If you are interested in going, you can get a ticket here.

The video premiered yesterday via Pitchfork. It deals with themes of old and new and it’s very visually appealing.  Apparently, it features old footage from one of her art school projects. Here is what Merge Records shared about the video:

"The video – like the song itself, it juxtaposes past and present: An old VHS tape found in a dusty basement was the starting point for the collaboration between Eleanor Friedberger and musician/video-maker Sara Magenheimer. The tape revealed a forgotten art project shot 14 years ago at the University of Texas by Friedberger’s college friend Beth Lieberman. In the footage, we see Eleanor preparing for a date, going through ritualistic motions: she works out, showers, shaves her legs, applies eyeliner, and fixes her hair… leading up to the climactic moment of the date’s arrival."

Song of the day: Karen O - If you’re Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta be Tough (Roger Alan Wade cover)

I found this cover in this article from Flavorwire: 10 Crazy-Good Covers You’ve Probably Never Heard.

I didn’t like all the covers they mentioned, but this one and the Jesus & Mary Chain were quite good.  Enjoy! I’ve been playing this song non-stop.

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Dolly Mixture: Really cool and under appreciated band from the 80’s.

Song: Grass is Greener (Demonstration Tapes - 1983)

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Happy Birthday Siouxsie!

Siouxsie & The Banshees - The Passenger

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