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Heavy Metal week on Network Awesome!

This week is Heavy Metal week at Network Awesome and trust me…there’s tons of epic stuff to watch! See for yourself! Schedule below!

You can also join their event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=306404192705429

Monday Nov 7
Live Music Show – Guest Curated by aQuarius Records (SF)
If you want the job done right, you go to an expert. And that’s exactly what we did! Andee Connors, one of several devoted metalheads of aQ delivers with a crazy, brutal and surprising show that will set your devil horns alight.

DOC - Heavy Metal Jr: A Portrait of Pre-teen Rebellion
A funny and somehow sweet documentary about a very young metal band named Hatred.

Collection - Ronnie James Dio
From his early days singing in doo-wop bands, to his tenures as front man for Rainbow and Black Sabbath, to his very successful solo career, a tribute to the king, Ronnie James Dio.

Talk Show - Morton Downey Jr. Investigates Metal and Punk
Morton talks to Scott Ian, Ace Frehley and more to find out if metal and punk are really dividing our culture in some way.

Muppet Show - Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show—what else do you need to know?

Doc - Iron Maiden: The Early Days
A look at the early days of one of the most popular bands in the world, features some great early performance footage and interviews with the guys.

Tuesday Nov 8
Live Music Show: Metallica “Live Shit: Binge & Purge” 1993
In the wake of the monstrosity that is “Lulu”, we look back at what may very well have been the tipping point for the band.

Metalocalypse - Ep 1 - The Curse of Dethklok
Hilarious (and hilariously accurate) animated series on the biggest and most brutal band in the world, Dethklok.

DOC - Black Metal Satanica (2008)
Great doc explores the origins of black metal belief systems, going all the way back to the time of the Vikings. (!)

Married…With Children! “My Dinner With Anthrax”
Bud Bundy wins a contest to get Anthrax to play at his house. I’m pretty sure this is a career low for someone, but I am not sure for whom.

Doc - Heavy Metal Britannia
The history of British heavy metal, from Deep Purple and Uriah Heep to Judas Priest and Iron maiden! Killer!

Movie - Black Sabbath (1963)
The classic Mario Bava horror film that gave the band their name!

Wednesday Nov 9

Live Music Show - “J Metal” in the 80s  — Guest curated by Yoshi Sodeoka.
Hair metal may have gotten started on the Sunset Strip. But Japanese people did it harder. And weirder. And more Japanese. And maybe even more awesomely.

Mutilator: Hero of the Wastelands
Incredible student film by Eric Fogle, who went on to create Celebrity Deathmatch and The Head!

Collection: Gaahl of Gorgoroth
The singer of Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth talks about being a gay man in the black metal scene.

Doc - The Hear’n Aid Sessions (1985)
Doc on the heavy metal charity record released in 1986 by Hear’n Aid organized by Ronnie James Dio and featuring some of the biggest names in metal, including members of  Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Quiet Riot, Dokken, Mötley Crüe, Twisted Sister and many more.

20/20 Special Report: Heavy Metal
Barbara Walters and co. take a look at the phenomenon of heavy metal music. Warning: lots of dramatic pauses and earnest tones.

Doc - Heavy Metal in Baghdad
An incredible look at Iraqi heavy metal band Acrassicauda as they are followed by a film crew in the midst of the Iraq war

Thursday Nov 10
120 Megabytes Salute To Metal
Our weekly video art / music show turns its eye to metal! It will melt your brain!

Live Music Show – Guest Curated by Roscoe 2000 of KALX Berkeley
“I want my heavy metal. Be it hard or hair. From here or there. Manly or fair. I want it all!”

Geraldo: “Heavy Metal Moms”
The Moms of Joey Ramone, Kristy Krash Majors (Pretty Boy Floyd), Steve West (Danger Danger), Mark Craney (Jethro Tull), Joe Leste’ (Bang Tango) & Bingo Butler (Mama Volume) appear w/ their sons to talk about what it’s like being a HM Mom.

Collection: Metal On The News
Heavy metal fear-mongering on the nightly news!

Doc – Slayer
Great documentary on the band from 1988!

Movie - The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years
Penelope Spheeris’ hilarious and heartbreaking look at the metal scene. Features several of the biggest names in metal: Motorhead, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Megadeth and many more. A stone cold classic!

Friday Nov 11

Live Music Show - 80s Metal Chicks
Tuff chixx in the 80s rocking out, including classic footage from Bitch, Vixen, Lita Ford and more!

Doc - Once Upon a Time in Norway
Intense doc covering the early days of the Norwegian black metal scene and the violence associated with it.

How To Break Into Heavy Metal (without getting screwed)
A genuine step-by-step guide to becoming a metal star from 1989 featuring interviews with a slew of established metal bands attempting to give you good advice. Hilarious and odd.

Doc - Light in Darkness Nemesis Divina: Christian Black Metal (2008)
Explore the “Unblack Metal” movement, the people involved and how they bring their religion into the music.

Trailer Trash
Our weekly look at film trailers throws up its devil horns at a kick-ass batch of metal films!

Movie: Trick Or Treat (1986)
Cheesy 80s horror jumping on the “metal is evil” bandwagon features brief cameos from Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons.